Tunze osmolator 3155

Prodotto: Tunze Osmolator 31- Stabilizzatore universale per osmosi. Some people regarded this invention as a useless accessory. Top-off systems are beneficial to a marine aquarium for a number of reasons.

Tunze 31Regolatore del livello dell’acqua con due sensori (lavoro + sicurezza) completo di accessori per ampliamento e fissaggio. Holder for the separate overflow sensor (6). There are two sensors implemented into the TUNZE. Deutsch, English, Francais (x315888) 2: Italiano, Espanol, РУССКИЙ .

Buy TUNZE Osmolator Universal on Amazon. The Tunze 31is not cheap, but well worth every penny of it’s reliability factor. Utilizes an electronic eye sensor to monitor water levels and a . Buy the Tunze Osmolator Universal 31Auto Top Off ATO for your aquarium and read product reviews, watch videos and see detailed specs at .