How to use a bidet video

Il bidet è un sanitario diffuso in molte parti del mondo, ma non nei Paesi anglosassoni. Anche in Cina, Medio Oriente, America Latina o . Bonus question: What is the social aspect of bidet usage in countries where they are.

Here is a nice instructable video on how to use a bidet. A bidet (pronounced be-day) looks like a toilet but has warm-water jets for personal. Note: The last step (step:6)has a few videos on Bidet Usage along with . The use of bidet is not popular in the US, but according to Kohler,.

At first you may feel a little intimated because you may not be sure how to use a bidet properly, but these fixtures are very hygienic and not difficult to use at all. Why do Americans only use toilet paper and not bidets? You see, unsurprisingly, bidet use drastically reduces the need for . After you’ve learned how to use a bidet, go out and try one. You can also watch the video below to learn more! No, that is not a sink or a toilet without a seat.

It’s a bidet and it’s even better than wet wipes.