Quick closing valve

LK Valves is a value-creating manufacturer and supplier of valves, strainers and. Quick closing valves; Butterfly valves; Globe valves; Self closing valves. But why the need for such valves and where are they .

BESI Quick Closing Valves are designed with multiple execution release cylinders, which allow operation by manual (pulling wire), pneumatic and hydraulic . Quick closing valves for oil ship service tanks. Fuel oil service and some other tanks must be fitted with valves that can be closed rapidly and remotely in the . Installation and maintenance manual.

Quick Closing Valves which can be controlled by mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic transmission. Suitable for marine service, providing a quick shut-off in . It has been issued as a result of Port State. Control (PSC) officers finding that fuel oil tank quick closing valves have sometimes been blocked.

Fuel is drawn the service tank through a quick closing valve. These can be closed remotely in case of emergency (e.g. fire). This can be done with simple pull .