Push in fittings

Solid metal design; Highly resistant to temperature and pressure; Resistant to chemicals; FDA compliant. Quick and easy to use, the Metal Work push-in fitting can be re-used thousands of times without affecting the pneumatic and mechanical seal in any way. Push-in fittings, high pressure push-in fittings available in different alloys.

Have a look Aignep’s fitting selection and find out more about the Italian quality! Push-in fittings allow fast circuit assembly for conveying compressed air, gas or liquids at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Our technically superior push-to-connect fittings, valves, cartridges, tubing, and accessories have been designed to engineer your success, offering you new . This range of fittings is ideal when access is only possible from above and orientation of the tube is required.

This range of modular fittings includes single and . For the transfer of sensitive fluids, the LIQUIfit+ range reduces the growth of bacteria in your circuits for 1 cleanliness after cleaning, and can be directly . SISTEM PNEUMATICA proposes a wide range of push-in fittings in acetyl resin, a material that offers the traditional sureness of the components manufactured in . Our push-in fittings are made from a wide range of materials including composite materials, brass and stainless steel. Our composite bodied Pneufit C range . Push-in airline fittings allow rapi reliable assembly of circuits to convey compressed air, various gases, or liquids at a wide range of pressures and . The Prestoweld fitting is based on the design of the Parker Prestolok push-in fitting, with a silicone free lubricated nitrile o-ring and stainless steel grab ring to . The Prevost group presents its range of’PUSH FITTINGS’. You can find detailed descriptions for all Prevost products lines.

STC provides a complete line of composite push to connect fittings, including both inch and metric sizes. We have a large stock of products in . Request a quote for the fitting you need online today, or contact . Flexion push in fittings offer a premier one-touch tube joint system that is simple and quick to install with flexible space-saving design. When it comes to Push to Connect Tube Fittings, Grainger’s got your back. Effortless ordering and convenient delivery.

QRfitting program – advantages at a glance.