Piusi panther 56

Rotative, volumetriche autoadescanti a palette. Breve descrizione Piusi Panther 56M elettropompa monofase per travaso gasolio. Immagine di PIUSI TENUTA MECCANICA PER PANTHER 56M .

Displacement, self-priming rotary electric vane pumps. Fitted with by-pass valve and elevated reliability seal . Panther and Panther pumps are designed and constructed to require a. F007300Pompa diesel Panther 56.

The Italian manufacturerd Piusi Panther is the market leading electric diesel transfer pump for vehicle refuelling, reknowned for its quality and reliability. Model: Panther 56; Panther 72; Panther 90. The PIUSI Panther is the industry recognised leading fuel transfer pump. An IPrated continuous running motor connects . The highly successful Piusi Panther Diesel Pump is ideal for diesel users looking to transfer diesel from static storage tanks into vehicles and machinery .