Iwaki magnet pump

Magnetic drive pumps featuring polypropylene or ETFE (Teflon) construction up to 13GPM. Iwaki pumps are ideal for handling various chemicals including . You will receive one pump similar to the photo shown.

Single Phase Induction Motor Capacitor Run. Traduci questa paginaThe MXM series of pumps have now been added to the line-up of Iwaki’s magnetic drive process pumps, which have earned high acclaim and the trust of users . Self-radiating structure (PAT.) Through heat-dispersion holes provided in the fixed portions of the impeller and. Iwaki Pumps are playing active roles in production lines and manufacturing.

MD Magnetic Drive Pump SeriesThe MD series comes in a total of models. Iwaki Pumps are a world leading manufacturer of Chemical Dosing Systems, Metering Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Seal less magnetic drive pumps, Magnetic Drive . Process magnetic drive pumps with an excellent balance of features and performance.

The basic performance, dimensions, and other particu- lars of the pumps are in compliance . Highly reliable, compact magnetic drive pumps. A large number of pumps in this series have been . Iwaki manufactures high purity metering pumps, chemical delivery pumps, sealless, recirculation pumps and non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and . Search IWAKI company’s catalogues and technical brochures. Magnetic drive pumps Product guide. Magnetically-driven seal-less pumps are free from leak problems and the need of seal . GFRPP(Grass fiber reinforced polypropylene) wet ends of the. Iwaki water pumps are magnetic driven, seamless pumps for use on either freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

These pumps have a low heat exchange rate . Dry running is possible with a pin point contact system. Up to one hour of continuous dry running is possible .