Inflatable plug

Get ready for some inflatable back door play with this expanding anal plug! This anal plug has it all, it stimulates, inflates and vibrates! Inflatable Pipe Plugs for Almost Any Application.

Contact us to customize Plugs for almost any size, pressure, temperature or chemical requirement. Use this inflatable pipe plug selection guide to find the best inflatable plug for your specific application. The inflatable pressure plugs come in a wide range of sizes and PSI ratings. The great thing about these plugs is the durability and the size range of the .

Inflatable plugs expand like a balloon inside the pipe. They work great for out-of-round holes or to access hard to reach locations. Have an application for inflatable pipe plugs?

If it’s for an oil or gas pipeline, Perma-Type manufactures it. Sizes range from inch (mm) diameter to inch . Cloth Pulling-Loops – Perma-Type has cloth pulling-loops on each one of its Nitrile (Buna-N) Type “BUNAC” inflatable pipe plugs for ease of use. The inflatable test plug is ideal for testing drain, vent, and waste plumbing systems at pressures up to PSI or FT of head pressure.