Forged fittings

Rely on For Forged Steel Fittings and Unions. Since 196 one name has been syn- onymous with premier Forged Steel. Bonney Forge produces high quality forged steel fittings and unions, available in an array of classes and material grades for any application.

EXAGONAL BUSHING is a forged fittings manufactured in accordance with B16. TEE is a forged fitting used for splitting and changing flow direction of runĀ . The company manufactures forged fittings according to ASME B16. Gas, Petroleum and Nuclear fields.

Manufactured in accordance with ASME B16. Great stock availability of finished products in carbon, low temp, low alloys andĀ . Can u explain me difference between wrought fittings and forged fittings? Can I use SA 1instead of SA 4or vies versa ?